International Women’s Day 2024/ Celebrating the Achievements of Women

Happy Women’s Day 

International Women’s day –  Women’s Day is celebrated every year around the world on March 8. The day we observe to celebrate the achievements of women Worldwide. To commemorate the success and hard work of each and every women who is thriving through her daily chores and still trying to be at the throne of her dreams.

The Struggles:
Bus still in the depth of all this or just below the shallowness of all this celebration. We know the struggles and the differences faced by the women round the clock.
Today when we celebrate this day, have we created an atmosphere where girls feel safe, don’t feel like being a burden or an extra responsibility for the family.
This itself develops the feeling of self doubt and makes them more conscious about them being them.

Obsession of the Big Fat Marriage:
Though every girl dreams of a grand wedding or to have a dream marriage but no girl imposes that on her father. Instead many a times just to show that off and to maintain the so called social dignity, name and fame (which no one knows exists or not) people end up spending a huge amount of their life’s corpus which eventually makes the girl feel that this(marriage) was such a heavy burden on family.
This is in no way empowers the women.

Women’s Day 2024

Teach them moral values and integrity.
Educate them, they will stand for themselves. They don’t need any unnecessary shield to save them.
“Instead of asking them to wear properly, why don’t someone ask the men to watch properly”.

विश्वास की शक्ति कहानी | Power of faith story in hindi

Unstoppable Women
Unstoppable Women

The Inspiration
An educated man, earns and takes care of family but an educated women not just can earn but can teach hundreds of others including family and has a potential to be an inspiration for millions.
This women’s day let’s not just celebrate them, let’s promote them for their daily self less services and each and every sacrifice they make every second.
To each teacher teaching in school along with managing her own house.
To every police women who not just protects her family but has a responsibility much more than that which she does very responsibly.

To every business women who just not manages her home finance but an entire empire of a business.

Women’s Day 2024


Women are much more than we think, much more than we see.
Even if she’s a house wife she’s dealing with equal challenges which you do at your office.

Happy international Women’s Day

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